Einstufungstest Englisch

Wie fit sind Sie im Englischen? Mit diesem kostenlosen Online - Englischtest finden Sie es in zehn Minuten heraus - und das Ergebnis erhalten Sie auch sofort. Wenn Sie wollen, hilft er Ihnen auch, den passenden Englischkurs für Sie zu finden.

Aufgabe A

Dear Student,

English is not the language you learnt as a baby, you learnt it at school. It was only a school subject for you, like biology and geography. But today you see that it is    important than some other school subjects.
   English everywhere, in your own country and when you are away. And you like   , don't   ?

Do you   travel with a group but would you sometimes prefer   alone? Perhaps you think travelling alone is dangerous. But a lot of people   the courage to travel alone and   it very much.
   not you? But you should understand and speak English. And you will see that   people around the world speak English and are glad to help.

We hope you will find your course helpful.

Aufgabe B

Bitte vervollständigen Sie den Dialog bzw. den Satz. Wählen Sie dabei aus den drei gegebenen Möglichkeiten.

At the Language Centre:
I'm looking for a refresher course. My English has become a bit rusty.

Our new refresher course starts

Aufgabe C

What    the summer mean to you?
Have you ever thought    it? In Europe, where we have got the four seasons with their special features, summer is still very much    . Isn't it unbelievable what the sun can do? Everybody is in    when the summer comes. People want to get outdoors as often as possible. Even during their short lunch break they go    a walk in a nearby park or they    for a place on the terrace of a café or restaurant. And look at their faces! Don't they smile and laugh more than in the wintertime? And, of course, they also spend their leisure time outdoors: They work in their gardens, go hiking, play football and golf, do various water sports like swimming and    And in September the summer is over. You have done    of the things you    to do, but not all. The summer in central Europe is never long enough. But it is easy now to just board a plane and to find the sun in another part of the world where you    before or where you    the year before and liked it very much.

By the way, do you remember the summers of your childhood? Children    spend their school holidays at their grandparents' houses in the country. Only    families could    to travel by plane to a foreign country.

Aufgabe D

I think it's dangerous to order books via the Internet.

At the airport:
Bye. Have a good flight. Give us a ring when you arrive in Tokyo.