IH Certificate Advanced Methodology

IH CAM – International House Certificate in Advanced Methodology -

The aim of the IH CAM training is to deepen your theoretical background as well as to improve your practical skills as a language teacher for adults. The content of the course can be applied to teachers of all languages but the course itself is held in English.

Suitable for

  • Ambitious language teachers who want to extend their methodological and didactic knowledge and skills
  • Qualified language teachers (e.g. qualified by IHC or CELTA) with at least one year of full-time experience
  • Teachers on C1 level or higher (according to the Common European Framework)

Learning aims


This course offers insight into a wide range of theoretical and practical topics. Topics include:

  • Grammar, vocabulary and phonology
  • Lesson frameworks, teaching materials
  • Theories of learning and teaching
  • Receptive and productive skills
  • Speaking and spoken interaction, error correction, discourse analysis and testing

Syllabus and evaluation:

  • There are 12 written tasks, each of which is part of a portfolio.
  • At the end of the training you will write a final assignment of 1500 to 2000 words.
  • After finishing the assignment, you have two weeks to collate your portfolio.
  • Assessment is entirely based on the satisfactory completion of the 12 portfolio tasks and the final assignment.
  • Marking is carried out externally by the IHWO Assessment Unit.

Your success

This methodology course enables you to further improve your teaching skills by giving you more insight into learning channels and discovering new techniques to motivate language learners by activating these channels and making efficient use of them.

All the facts: International House Certificate in Advanced Methodology

19 weeks part-time training, mainly face to face
A total of about 38 teaching hours plus at least 50 hours of homework
12 weekly short assignments
one final assignment
Total price: € 1400.-
Including copies, online verifiable certificate by Cambridge Assessment English as well as further teaching material

Kursort: Mexikoring 15, 22297 Hamburg

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Great course! 03. August 2021
von Eileen
Thanks - this methodology has really been helpful. I've gained much more insight into my approach to teaching and extended my range of methods.