The IHC – IH Certificate in Teaching English 0 Bewertungen.

The IHC – IH Certificate in Teaching English -

The IHC is a certificate issued by the IHWO (International House World Organisation) based on a course which trains you to teach English or any other foreign language to adults. The IHC proves your professional eligibility as a teacher of English.

Is this the right course for me?

  • Yes, if you haven’t had any professional experience as a teacher yet
  • Yes, if you’ve done some language teaching but don’t have any qualifications as a language teacher for adults yet
  • Yes, if you have already taught other subjects (but not a foreign language)


This course teaches you how you successfully plan and give lessons, it also consists of written assignments and group discussions. All these activities are designed and supervised by experienced teacher trainers, face-to-face as well as online. They are always willing to give you helpful feedback and to encourage your constant self-evaluation.

Topics included are: finding the right teaching materials and preparing your lesson, successful classroom management, how to motivate your students, awareness of language and dealing with frequent learning difficulties.


Syllabus and evaluation

This training is partly online, whereas teaching practice is done face to face. It consists of fourteen mandatory modules, with a few optional modules towards the end of the course. There are three main fields candidates are assessed on: course work, written assignments and teaching practice, which comprises of at least six hours of teaching practice on two different levels.

This training is held by experienced tutors with an online tutoring qualification. Our local tutor carries out the observations; the IH Assessment Unit moderates the final portfolio.


Alle Fakten für International House Certificate Hamburg

  • 3 Monate in Teilzeit als Online- und Präsenztraining
  • Insgesamt 120 Online-Unterrichtsstunden sowie ein Minimum von 80 Stunden Hausarbeit
  • 6 observierte Unterrichtspräsentationen in einer echten Lerngruppe
  • Auf Wunsch zusätzlich freitags Frontalunterricht/Präsenzunterricht von 11:00 bis 16:00
  • 1400,- € Gesamtkosten
  • Inklusive Kopien, IH Certificate und weiteres Lehrmaterial