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Learning German as a foreign language -

Hamburg is beautiful. And if you learn German, you’ll get more out of life in Germany. At our language school, you can learn German in Hamburg easily with other people. You’ll learn many words and how to read, write and speak in German. Our German courses are good for your job, for your contact with the authorities and also for your private use.

Suitable for

Adults of all ages with no knowledge of German or very little knowledge of German.

Which German course is right for me?

How many years did you learn this language at school?

Did you have this language as an advanced course?

Have you lived in a country where this language is used? For how many months?

Have you used this language in your studies?

Do you sometimes speak (or did you use to speak) the language?

Are you interested in this language mainly privately or for job reasons?

Learning aims

  • You’ll start in a group of learners with no previous knowledge of German and learn German from scratch.
  • Experienced teachers help all members of your German group. The  language used for instructions is German. This way, you will become familiar with the German language from the very beginning.
  • In this German course, you will learn practical things: how to read and write European letters, asking questions and understanding answers
  • You will also learn how to pronounce German correctly in this course
  • You will learn German grammar and, of course, the genders and the articles: der, die, das
  • Your group will learn German together and help you improve your knowledge of the German language
  • If your group wishes so, we can also answer simple questions about authorities and applications to them
  • And after the 18th lesson, you can continue learning German at our language school in Hamburg - for as long as you wish!

Your success in this German course for beginners

The German course is elementary if you live in Hamburg. You will get along better with better German. Get more jobs, understand more, participate in German life. And soon you will want to attend more German courses!

All facts: Learning German as a Foreign Language - Beginners

only € 114.- per month (3 monthly fees), one-time fee of € 33.- for material costs
Max. 14 participants per German course
3 months, 18 times, Mondays and Tuesdays, 6 lesson hours each week and continuing likewise, as long as you want
Language course flat rate
Except during the school holidays in Hamburg
Guaranteed Repetition
Continuous German courses
Incl. certificate, German coursebook & follow-up books
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Aufgrund geringer Nachfrage kann für diesen Kurs nur eine Anmeldung für die Warteliste erfolgen.
Bitte rufen Sie uns an unter Tel: 040/48 50 99-26 oder kontaktieren Sie uns über unsere Kontaktseite

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