What do we offer our teachers?

  • We provide you with all the necessary teaching materials
  • A permanently accessible copying room (in City Nord)
  • We want to help you improve your teaching skills; therefore we regularly offer you free teaching workshops, which we organise with the renowned Pilgrims Institute in Canterbury
  • Additionally, we enable you to attend free seminars at Pilgrims in Canterbury (six days a year)
  • You will get coachings on a regular basis so that you can constantly optimise your lessons
  • We regularly send our teachers language-teaching magazines
  • We transfer your fees within five days of receiving your invoice
  • We will find a substitute for your lessons in case of illness.

English teaching job Hamburg: You can also apply for a job with our Online application form or contact Birthe Beigel, Tel. 0171-998945.

Please send your application to: Verein für berufliche Weiterbildung e.V., Mexikoring 15, 1. Etage, 22297 Hamburg

Applying to us by our online application form

Applying to us does not even cost you a stamp nor does it take much time. Our online application form is an easy and reliable way of applying to our language school for adults as a language teacher (be it English or any other language which is part of our curriculum). It gives us all the information we need and it is very convenient and time-saving for you. And: Filling out the form takes you less than ten minutes.

Convenience is one thing, completeness is another: Please try to fill in the application form as comprehensively as possible. Thank you very much for your co-operation!

VfbW - Verein für berufliche Weiterbildung e.V., Hamburg