Lessons from the learner

Lessons from the learner

The Hamburg Language Teaching Methodology Series
offers English teachers an array of inspiring and practicable ideas for your language classes. It provides language trainers with a wide choice of easy-to-use activities which can be utilized for lesson plans or seen as a starting point for discussions in English classes. Resembling ‘recipes’ in cookery books, our publications are clearly structured and their contents can be easily applied.  The activities have been designed by competent teacher trainers and have been effectively tested in English classes. Our books can be used for teaching any foreign language, even though they were originally written for ESL teachers. Some of our publications are also helpful for language teacher trainers.


Lessons from the Learner - Student-generated activities for the language classroom

Can language learners produce their own study materials? Yes, and there are good reasons why they should. Lessons from the Learner empowers students to produce and work on their own materials and frees teachers from materials preparation. The classroom becomes a place where language evolves unpredictably within a framework provided by the teacher. Lessons from the Learner:

• gives teachers a fresh outlook to add to their teaching

• uses an easy to follow ‘recipe’ format

• is suitable for groups of any level, size and age

• provides many activities relevant to ESP teaching

• is invaluable for teacher trainers in countries where teachers have insufficient books, materials or preparation time

Lessons from the Learner gives students the opportunity to bring their own knowledge and enthusiasms to the classroom and increases student and teacher motivation. Sheelagh Deller is a freelance teacher and teacher trainer and works regularly for Pilgrims, the British Council, Verein für berufliche Weiterbildung and other organisations.

Authors: Sheelagh Deller Published by Verein für berufliche Weiterbildung e.V., 2008 Price: € 19.80

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