Grammar in Action Again

Grammar in Action Again

The Hamburg Language Teaching Methodology Series provides a range of practical, innovative ideas for the language classroom. It offers teachers a selection of readymade activities which can be used as the basis for lessons or as a departure point for classroom development and discussion. Written in ‘recipe’ format, the books are clearly presented and easy to use. All the activities have been developed by experienced teachers and have been tried and tested in the classroom. Although written with reference to the teaching of English, the books are applicable to the teaching of any language. Some titles are also useful to language teacher trainers.

Grammar in Action Again - Awareness activities for language learning

Now in an expanded edition, with 40 new activities ready for class use, this classic resource book will meet the needs of both a new generation of users and faithful followers of the first edition. In this volume, the authors have incorporated the latest developments in their thinking and practice, while retaining their characteristic style, to ensure personal, productive and above all, enjoyable classroom interaction. All the key elements of elementary and intermediate level grammar are practised in contexts which engage students in meaningful and communicative activities.

- 40 additional activities in recipe format

- Key areas of grammar practised

- New, clearer arrangement of material

- Easy access to material via grammar index, index of level and comprehensive lists of activities.

Authors: Christine Frank and Mario Rinvolucri
Published by Verein für berufliche Weiterbildung e.V., 2008
Price: € 19.80

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